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Who We Are

The BFS MICROFINANCE LIMITED (BFS) is a company incorporated in Tanzania 2017 under the Companies Act of 2002 intending to provide financial services to Micro and Medium Entrepreneurs as one of the Primary objectives of the company.

The service offered includes credit and business mentorship. However credit components are the core activity that BFS Microfinance LIMITED deals with..

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BFS Microfinance

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  • Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the leading institution in provision of precision customer focused Microfinance services in the country.

Our Mission

To establish an institution that uses modern technology and innovation to improve businesses and quality of lives of the people through provision of quality services in Microfinance industry.

BFS Microfinance

Our Core Values

The culture at BFS is guarded daily by the following core values, espoused by each team member:

Timely delivery of services

Time is of essence; in the pursuit of all activities of the company time will be given priority.


Dishonest, corruption and any form of lack of integrity will not be given space in all life time of the company’s operations.

Team work spirit

All hands of the company management and staffs will be joined together towards achieving the targeted objectives of the company.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Time, quality and budget will guide all the company undertakings.

Customer Care

Customers are the fundamental stakeholders of the company businesses, in any way they should be given the value they deserve.


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